Asus Flash Tool Created By: Daniel_Punk
Asus Flash Tool help you to flash easly asus mobile devices.Adb Tab Features (Options) : Phone info, Backup Boot 2, Backup Factory, Droid Mode, Backup ex_Csd, Restore Config, Recovery Mode, Backup RPMB, Restore Factory, Check Sideload, Root, Un_Root, Backup Boot 1, Backup Config, Reboot.Features Fastboot Mode Tab Features (Options) : Phone info, Load Boot, Wipe Cache, Reboot Droid, Load Sflash Boot, Wipe Factory Reset, Reboot Normal, Load System, Wipe System, Load Recovery, Raw Update Single SIM, Save Erase, Load Fastboot, Raw update All, Wipe Userdata.IMEI Tool Tab Features (Options) Features : Refresh Comport, Repair IMEI 1, Repair IMEI 2, Single IMEI, Dual IMEI, DIAG Mode, Select Mode and Load Provisioning Mode, Check IMEI Phone, Repair IMEI.Clover View Tab Features (Options) : Select Firmware Fw DnX, Ifwi Prod, Provisionning OS, Select OS DnX, OS Image, Option Download, Softfuse File, GPFlags and Repair Clover View Plus.


DROIDBOOT mode: Press the POWER + VOLUME UP button
Simultaneously Under the conditions of the smartphone is dead

RECOVERY mode: Enter DROIDBOOT mode -> Press and hold
Vol down Then press the vol up (keep down the vol down)
Then release the vol up button (Vol down button still on hold)
Folder C: \ Users \ Asif \ Desktop \ Post \ Asus Flash Tool Asif Kamboh (lucky) \ file OK.

How to repair Imei [BaseBand Must Read]
1.Load raw pack provisioning mode
2.Continue Root Process
3. Select Enable DIAG Mode [Virtual Com Port] [Refresh COM]
4 .Choose his Port Diag Com
5. Choose imei 1 or 2
6. Click the "Repair IMEI" Button
                                       Good luck = D
                                      Br: Hape shaman

Asus Flash Tool Password : Asif.Kamboh.lucky

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How to Download Asus Flash Tool Created By: Daniel_Punk

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