MST ADB Tool By MST and Line Line Team
MST ADB Tool Created by MST and Line Line Team.This tool is 100% working and tested.This tool contains a "Check Partition" tool.MST ADB Tool features;

  • Shutdown
  • Reboot
  • Recovery
  • Fastboot
  • Fastboot to Reboot
  • Recovery to Fastboot
  • Fastboot to EDL
  • Recovery to Normal Mode
  • Download Mode
  • EDL Mode
  • Sideload Mode
  • Check-Block-Info
  • Check Partitions
  • Xiaomi Reset Pattern or Pin
  • Xiaomi Reset Fastboot
  • Build Prop
  • Xiaomi Recovery Info Check


by Asif Kamboh for the world!

How to Reset Xiaomi Pattern or PIN Lock?

1. Extract the "MST ADB Tools" Tool.
2. Open "MST TOOLS" main setup file.
3. Connect your Xiaomi device with your PC or Laptop via USB cable.
4. Click on "Xiaomi Rest Pattern or Pin".
5. Userlock 100% Remove Done.Enjoy!

MST ADB Tool Password =


Download MST ADB Tool
Download MST ADB Tools By MST and Line Line

How to Download MST ADB Tools By MST and Line Line

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  1. Sir
    could u plz help me
    my father's symphony b32i is neither charging by charger nor detected by the pc via usb..
    What do i do now?