ADB Enabler Samsung Automator Tool Working & Tested
ADB Enabler Samsung Tool is a free, tiny and powerful tool for making ADB enable files through Samsung Firmware files.If you don't know how to use/flash ADB enable file Click Here to Read Instructions.Create ADB File Automator Features;

  • Input Folder (Samsung Firmware File .tar Format).
  • Output Folder (ADB Enable File .tar Format).
  • Make Unlimited ADB Enable Files. 


by Asif Kamboh for the world!

How to Make Samsung ADB Enable File?

1. Extract the "ADB Samsung Enabler File Maker Tool" RAR Compressed File.
2. Open "ADB Enable Automator" Main Setup File.
3. Extract Samsung Firmware File Which Model you want to Make ADB Enable File.For Example, I Extract J105HXWU0AQC1_J105HOJV0AQB1_MID.ZIP File.
4. Now Change Firmware File Format (.tar.md5 to .tar) Like J105HXWU0AQC1_J105HOJV0AQB1_J105HXWU0APL2_HOME.tar.md5 to J105HXWU0AQC1_J105HOJV0AQB1_J105HXWU0APL2_HOME.tar.
5. Create New Folder "ADB Enable File Input" Name and Paste .tar Samsung Firmware File in this Folder.
6. Click on Input Folder Three Dots and Select "ADB Enable File Input" Folder and Click on OK.
7. Create a New Folder "ADB Enable File Output" Name, Click on Output Folder Three Dots and Select ADB Enable File Output Path Folder "ADB Enable File Output" and Click on OK.
8. After Selected Input and Output Path, Click on "Make" and Wait a Seconds.After Some Time a "Finished!" Message Popup.It Means Make ADB Enable File "AdbEnabled_J105HXWU0AQC1_J105HOJV0AQB1_J105HXWU0APL2_HOME" Process 100% Done.Enjoy!

ADB Enabler Samsung Automator Tool Password = GSM FIRMWARE TEAM


Download ADB Enabler Samsung Automator Tool

Download ADB Enabler Samsung Automator Tool

How To Download ADB Enabler Samsung Automator Tool

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    1. Please Wait! Bro I Make Video Soon & Upload on my site

  2. This is a cool too, but it's impossible to flash modded files without signature check.
    So it's kind of useless, no?

    1. It's Possible Bro.Because ADB Enable File Created From Original Firmware File, ADB Enable Files is Boot.img, Sboot.bin etc

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    1. Name: shekhar sheel

  4. Will flashing the file created void my warranty? WIll it trigger KNOX?