Oppo MSM Download Tool Crack V1728.24 [Free Activation]


What Is Oppo MSM Download Tool?

Oppo MSM Download Tool is an official Oppo stock firmware flashing program that requires username and password of the Oppo authorised account to flash Stock Rom files.

What Is Crack of Oppo MSM Download Tool?

The Crack of Oppo MSM Download tool allows you to flash Oppo MediaTek (MTK) mobile phone without logging in to any user's account. This crack program works absolutely free for all users, and no authorized account of Oppo is required to use this (MSM Download tool) crack program.

What Is the Crack License Details of Oppo MSM Download Tool V1728.24?

Below is the license description when you activate your Oppo MSM download tool via the Crack method. The serial number may change when you crack this program on your computer, but all other details will be the same.
  • Name: OPPO MSMDownloadTool - 2001
  • Serial: 130-2941462108
  • Version: CmActLicense 3.00
  • Status: License Activated

What You Will Need to Crack the Oppo MSM Download Tool V1728.24?
  • CodeMeter Runtime v6.40b
  • PdaNet+ for Android v4.1.9.9
  • Enabler TNT enFoRcEr v1.0 By ChoRdLesS
  • SmartPhone Multiport Download Tool v1728.34
  • CmActLicense v3.00
How to Crack/Activate Oppo MSM Download Tool V1728.24?
  1. First, disable defender and other antivirus programs from your computer system.
  2. Download the required four programs from the links below to crack the Oppo MSM Download Tool.
  3. Now install the "CodeMeter Runtime v6.40b" program.
  4. Then install the "PdaNet+ for Android v4.1.9.9" program.
  5. Run the "OPPOMsmDownloadToolNoneLic_2001.WibuCmRaU" license file and click on the File tab in the upper left corner and click on the "Import License ..." option and select "OPPOMsmDownloadToolNoneLic_2001.WibuCmRaU" license file.
  6. When the license file is successfully imported, you will see the status message "License Activated".
  7. Now run the Program "Enabler TNT enFoRcEr v1.0 By ChoRdLesS" as Administrator and click "Enable" button.
  8. Launch the "SmartPhone Multiport Download Tool v1728.34" setup file, now the Oppo MSM tool has been successfully cracked and is ready to flash the Oppo MTK mobile devices.
If you want to flash the Oppo device choosing the "Format Download" option, you must enter the password: te123. If you flash your mobile phone using the "Format Download" option, then your phone's IMEI will be erased, and your device will show you an IMEI NULL message.
Here Are the Screenshots of This Program.



Which files are included in the RAR compressed files?
-CmActLicense v3.00

-CodeMeter Runtime v6.40b

-Enabler TNT enFoRcEr v1.0 By ChoRdLesS

-PdaNet+ for Android v4.1.9.9

-SmartPhone Multiport Download Tool v1728.34

Download Link:

  • SmartPhone Multiport Download Tool v1728.34
| Google Drive | One Drive | MediaFire |
  • CmActLicense v3.00
| Google Drive | One Drive | MediaFire |
  • Enabler TNT enFoRcEr v1.0 By ChoRdLesS
  • PdaNet+ for Android v4.1.9.9
| Google Drive | One Drive | MediaFire |
  • CodeMeter Runtime v6.40b
The default password for compressed files is "www.gsmfirmware.net".

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