How to Flash a Samsung Device with Odin3 Flash Tool?

How to Flash a Samsung Device with Odin3 Flash Tool?

What Is Flash?
Flash means downloading firmware to mobile and flashing means we are completely replacing our mobile operating system software and that means you can upgrade/downgrade to different versions of the operating system on your mobile device or switching to a brand new mobile operating system.

What's Needed to Flash a Samsung Device?
How to Flash a Samsung Device with Odin3 Flash Tool?
  1. First of all, you need to download the required firmware file according to your mobile operating system. If you want to know which firmware file is compatible with your device, you can learn here.
  2. Next, download and install the Samsung USB drivers on your computer (If you have already installed Samsung Kies or SideSync PC Suite, then you do not need to install Samsung drivers).
  3. Download and extract the Odin3 Flash Tool compressed file.
  4. Now launch Odin3 Flash Tool, and insert your firmware files in it.
  5. OK, now you need to boot your Samsung device into download mode and connect it to the computer system via USB data cable (Once you connect your device to the computer in download mode, an ID:COM number will appear in the Odin3 Flash tool, which means your mobile device has successfully connected the computer in the download mode.).
  6. The last step is to click the Start button in the Odin3 Flash tool to start the flashing process, and as soon as the flashing process is complete, you will see a "Pass!" message in Flash Tool and your device will automatically boot into normal mode after the flashing process is complete.
If your firmware file contains only one "AP or PDA" file, then you need to load this file in the AP section of the Odin3 Flash Tool. And if you have four or five files in your device's firmware file then load the bootloader file in the "BL" option, AP, or PDA file in the "AP" option, phone, CP file in CP option, CSC or CSC_Home in the CSC option and the user data file in the USERDATA.

If you want to know more about Samsung firmware files then you can know its meaning and purpose from this "What Is the Samsung Firmware File?" post.

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