All Samsung FRP HiJacker by Hagard (2017)
All Samsung FRP HiJacker by Hagard Team 2017 latest updated tool.This tool 100% working and tested.FRP HiJacker features; Remove FRP, Softbrick Fixer, Create ADB Enable File, Phone Dialer, Remove FRP (ADB) and Factory Reset.This tool required Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2.FRP HiJacker Supported Models List;

Exynos :-

SM-A310F, SM-A310FD, SM-A310M, SM-A310MD, SM-A310N0, SM-A310Y, SM-A510F, SM-A510FD, SM-A510K, SM-A510L, SM-A510M, SM-A510MD, SM-A510S, SM-A510Y, SM-A510Y, SM-A710F, SM-A710FD, SM-A710K, SM-A710L, SM-A710M, SM-A710MD, SM-A710S, SM-A710Y, SM-A800F, SM-A800I, SM-A800IZ, SM-A800S, SM-A800YZ, SM-G150NO, SM-G150NK, SM-G150NL, SM-G150NS, SM-G155S, SM-G389F, SM-G5500, SM-G550F, SM-G550FY ,SM-G550T ,SM-G550T1 ,SM-G550T2 ,SM-G570F ,SM-G570M ,SM-G570Y ,SM-G610F ,SM-G610FD ,SM-G610FZ ,SM-G610K ,SM-G610L ,SM-G610M ,SM-G610S ,SM-G610Y ,SM-G800F ,SM-G800I ,SM-G800M ,SM-G800Y ,SM-G850F ,SM-G850FQ ,SM-G850K ,SM-G850L ,SM-G850M ,SM-G850S ,SM-G850Y ,SM-G903F ,SM-G903FD ,SM-G903M ,SM-G903W ,SM-G920A ,SM-G920AZ ,SM-G920D ,SM-G920F ,SM-G920FD ,SM-G920FZ ,SM-G920I ,SM-G920K ,SM-G920L ,SM-G920S ,SM-G920T ,SM-G920T1 ,SM-G920W8 ,SM-G9250 ,SM-G9250A ,SM-G9250F ,SM-G9250FQ ,SM-G925I ,SM-G925K ,SM-G925L ,SM-G925S ,SM-G925T ,SM-G925T1 ,SM-G925W8 ,SM-G9287 ,SM-G9287C ,SM-G928C ,SM-G928F ,SM-G928G ,SM-G928I ,SM-G928K ,SM-G928L ,SM-G928NO ,SM-G928N0 ,SM-G928S ,SM-G928T ,SM-G928W8 ,SM-G930F ,SM-G930FD ,SM-G930K ,SM-G930L ,SM-G930S ,SM-G930W8 ,SM-G935F ,SM-G935FD ,SM-G935K ,SM-G935L ,SM-G935S ,SM-G935W8 ,SM-J120A ,SM-J120AZ ,SM-J120F ,SM-J120FN ,SM-J120G ,SM-J120M ,SM-J120P ,SM-J120W ,SM-J120ZN ,SM-J200BT ,SM-J200F ,SM-J200G ,SM-J200GU ,SM-J200M ,SM-J200Y ,SM-J320A ,SM-J320AZ ,SM-J320W8 ,SM-J321AZ ,SM-J700F ,SM-J700H ,SM-J700M ,SM-J700T ,SM-J700T1 ,SM-J710F ,SM-J710FD ,SM-J710FN ,SM-J710FZ ,SM-J710GN ,SM-J710K ,SM-J710MN ,SM-N910C ,SM-N910H ,SM-N910K ,SM-N910L ,SM-N910S ,SM-N910U ,SM-N9916K ,SM-N916L ,SM-N916S ,SM-N920C ,SM-N920CD ,SM-N920F ,SM-N920G ,SM-N920I ,SM-N920K ,SM-N920L ,SM-N920S ,SM-N920T ,SM-N920W8 ,SM-N930F ,SM-N930FD ,SM-N930K ,SM-N930L ,SM-N930S

Qualcomm :-

SM-G3815 ,SM-G3818 ,SM-G3819 ,SM-G386T ,SM-G386T1 ,SM-G386W ,SM-G388F, SM-G5108 ,SM-G5108Q ,SM-G5109 ,SM-G5308W ,SM-G5309W ,SM-G530A ,SM-G530BT,SM-G530F ,SM-G530FQ ,SM-G530FZ ,SM-G530H ,SM-G530M ,SM-G530P ,SM-G530Y ,SM-G531F,SM-G531Y ,SM-G5700 ,SM-G6000 ,SM-G600F ,SM-G600FY ,SM-G600S ,SM-G6100 ,SM-G710 ,SM-G7102 ,SM-G7102T ,SM-G7105 ,SM-G7105L ,SM-G710K ,SM-G710L ,SM-G710S ,SM-G7200 ,SM-G7202 ,SM-G720AX ,SM-G720NO ,SM-G730A ,SM-G730M ,SM-G730W8 ,SM-G7508Q ,SM-G7509 ,SM-G750A ,SM-G750F ,SM-G750H ,SM-G800H ,SM-G800HQ ,SM-G850A ,SM-G850T ,SM-G850W ,SM-G860P ,SM-G870A ,SM-G870D ,SM-G870F ,SM-G870FO ,SM-G870W ,SM-G890A ,SM-G891A ,SM-G9006V ,SM-G9006W ,SM-G9008V ,SM-G9008W ,SM-G9009D ,SM-G9009W ,SM-G900A ,SM-G900F ,SM-G900FD ,SM-G900FG ,SM-G900H ,SM-G900I ,SM-G900K ,SM-G900L ,SM-G900M ,SM-G900MD ,SM-G900P ,SM-G900S ,SM-G900T ,SM-G900T1 ,SM-G900T2 ,SM-G900T3 ,SM-G900V ,SM-G900W8 ,SM-G901F ,SM-G906K ,SM-G906L ,SM-G906S ,SM-G9105 ,SM-G910S ,SM-G9200 ,SM-G9208 ,SM-G9209 ,SM-G920P ,SM-G920R4 ,SM-G925P ,SM-G928P ,SM-G9300 ,SM-G9308 ,SM-G930P ,SM-G930T ,SM-G930T1 ,SM-G930U ,SM-G930V ,SM-G935P ,SM-G935T ,SM-G935T1 ,SM-G935U ,SM-G935V ,SM-J100F ,SM-J100FN ,SM-J100G ,SM-J100M ,SM-J100MU ,SM-J100MV ,SM-J100VPP ,SM-J100Y ,SM-J105M ,SM-J110F ,SM-J110G ,SM-J110M ,SM-J3110 ,SM-J3119 ,SM-J320P ,SM-J320YZ ,SM-J500F ,SM-J500FN ,SM-J500G ,SM-J500H ,SM-J500M ,SM-J500NO,SM-J500Y ,SM-J5108 ,SM-J510F ,SM-J510FN ,SM-J510G,SM-J510H ,SM-J510K ,SM-J510L ,SM-J510MN ,SM-J510N ,SM-J510S ,SM,J510UN ,SM-J7108 ,SM-N750 ,SM-N7500Q ,SM-N7502 ,SM-N7505 ,SM-N7505L ,SM-N900 ,SM-N9000Q ,SM-N9002 ,SM-N9005 ,SM-N900A ,SM-N900K ,SM-N900L,SM-N900P ,SM-N900S ,SM-N900T ,SM-N900V ,SM-N900W8 ,SM-N910A ,SM-N910F ,SM-N910G ,SM-N910P ,SM-N910T ,SM-N910V ,SM-N910W8 ,SM-N9150 ,SM-N915A ,SM-N915D ,SM-N915F ,SM-N915FY ,SM-N915G ,SM-N915S ,SM-N915T ,SM-N915W8 ,SM-N9200 ,SM-N9208 ,SM-N920P ,SM-N9300,SM-N930A ,SM-N930P ,SM-N930R4 ,SM-N930T ,SM-N930U ,SM-N930W8 ,SM-P350 ,SM-P350 ,SM-P355 ,SM-P355C ,SM-P355M ,SM-P355Y ,SM-P550 ,SM-P555 ,SM-P555C ,SM-P555K ,SM-P555L,SM-P555M ,SM-P555S ,SM-P555Y ,SC-01C ,SC-01D ,SC-01E ,SC-01F ,SC-01G ,SC-02B ,SC-02C ,SC-02E ,SC-02F ,SC-03D ,SC-03E ,SC-04 ,SC-04E ,SC-04F ,SC-04G ,SC-05D ,SC-05G ,SC-06D ,SCH-I435 ,SCH-I545 ,SCH-I959 ,SCH-M490 ,SCH-M710 ,SCH-M715 ,SCH-M719 ,SCH-R960 ,SCH-W200 ,SCH-W210 ,SCH-W240 ,SCH-W270 ,SCH-W290 ,SCH-W300 ,SCH-W330 ,SCH-W350 ,SCH-W360 ,SCH-W80 ,SCH-W390 ,SCH-W390M ,SCH-W410 ,SCH-W420 ,SCH-W450 ,SCH-W460 ,SCH-W460R ,SCH-W510 ,SCH-W550 ,SCH-W560 ,SCH-W570 ,SCH-W580 ,SCH-W590 ,SCH-W690 ,SCH-W720 ,SCH-W740 ,SCH-W750 ,SCH-W760 ,SCH-W770 ,SCH-W780 ,SCH-W830 ,SCH-W850 ,W850I ,SCH-W860 ,SCH-W880 ,SCH-W890 ,SCH-W900 ,SCH-W910 ,SCH-W920 ,SCH-W930 ,SCH-W940 ,SCL24 ,SGH-A767 ,SGH-A777 ,SGH-A847 ,SGH-A847D ,SGH-A847M ,SGH-A847R ,SGH-A877 ,SGH-A887 ,SGH-A927 ,SGH-I187 ,SGH-I257 ,SGH-I257M ,SGH-I317 ,SGH-I317M ,SGH-I337 ,SGH-I337M ,SGH-I337Z ,SGH-I407 ,SGH-I437 ,SGH-I437P ,SGH-I437Z ,SGH-I497 ,SGH-I527 ,SGH-I527M ,SGH-I537 ,SGH-I547 ,SGH-I547C ,SGH-I577 ,SGH-I677 ,SGH-I677L ,SGH-I677T ,SGH-I717 ,SGH-I717D ,SGH-I717M ,SGH-I717R ,SGH-I727 ,SGH-I727R ,SGH-I747 ,SGH-I747D ,SGH-I747M ,SGH-I757M ,SGH-I777 ,SGH-I827 ,SGH-I827D ,SGH-I847 ,SGH-I8700 ,SGH-I897 ,SGH-I917 ,SGH-I917R SGH-I937 ,SGH-I957 ,SGH-I957D ,SGH-I957M ,SGH-I957R ,SGH-I997 ,SGH-I997R ,SGH-M819N ,SGH-M919 ,SGH-M919M ,SGH-M919V ,SGH-S730M ,SGH-T199 ,SGH-T359 ,SGH-T399 ,SGH-T399N ,SGH-T469 ,SGH-T469V ,SGH-T469W ,SGH-T479 ,SGH-T479B ,SGH-T499 SGH-T499V ,SGH-T499Y ,SGH-T589 ,SGH-T589R ,SGH-T589W ,SGH-T599 ,SGH-T599N ,SGH-T599V ,SGH-T669 ,SGH-T679 ,SGH-T679M ,SGH-T699 ,SGH-T759 ,SGH-T769 ,SGH-T779 ,SGH-T839 ,SGH-T879 ,SGH-T889 ,SGH-T889v ,SGH-T899m ,SGH-T939 ,SGH-T959 ,SGH-T959p ,SGH-T959v ,SGH-T989 ,SGH-T989d ,SGH-T999 ,SGH-T999l ,SGH-T999n ,SGH-T999v ,SHV-E110S ,SHV-E120K ,SHV-E120L ,SHV-E120S ,SHV-E140S ,SHV-E150S ,SHV-E160K E160L ,SHV-E160S ,SHV-E170K ,SHV-E170L ,SHV-E170S ,SHV-E210K ,SHV-E250K ,SHV-E250S ,SHV-E270K ,SHV-E270S ,SHV-E275S ,SHV-E300K ,SHV-E300L ,SHV-E300S ,SHV-E330K ,SHV-E330L ,SHV-E330S ,SHV-E470S ,SHV-E500L ,SHV-E500S ,A110K ,SHW-A110S ,SHW-A130 ,SHW-A160S ,SHW-A180S ,SHW-A210S ,SHW-A220S ,SHW-A250K ,SHW-A250S ,SHW-A300S ,SHW-M100S ,SHW M110S ,SHW-M130K ,SHW-M180S ,SHW-M190S ,SHW-M350S ,SHW-M250K ,SHW-M250S ,SHW-M340S ,SHW-M440S


by Asif Kamboh for the world!

How to Remove Samsung FRP?

1. Extract the "FRP HiJacker by Hagard" Tool RAR file.
2. Open "FRP Hijacker" main setup file.
3. Select your Samsung Mobile device model.
4. Connect your mobile device to your PC or Laptop via USB cable in Download mode.
5. Select Remove FRP and Click on "HIJACK IT!" button.
6. FRP Remove 100% Done.Enjoy!

All Samsung FRP HiJacker by Hagard Password = Asif.Kamboh.lucky


Download All Samsung FRP HiJacker by Hagard (2017)

Download All Samsung FRP HiJacker by Hagard (2017)

How to Download All Samsung FRP HiJacker by Hagard (2017)

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