How to Create SPD (SpreadTrum) FRP Unlock File?

How to Create SPD (SpreadTrum) FRP Unlock File?

What Is SPD (SpreadTrum)?
SPD (Spreadtrum) is a processor chip developed by Unisoc, formerly Spreadtrum Communications, Inc. SPD chips are mostly used in Chinese mobile phones. And the names of some of these brands are QMobile, Alcatel, Infinity.

What Is an FRP Unlock File?
The FRP unlock file is a modified file and is only created to unlock FRP lock from mobile devices. This file contains only FRP lock partition information and is quite small in size. This file is created using the official firmware/Stock ROM file and Flash tool.

What's Required to Create an FRP Unlock File?
  • Research Download - R4.0.0001
  • Official Firmware/Stock ROM (.PAC)

How to Create SPD FRP Unlock File?
1. First of all, you need to download the desired program from the link below, and the exact firmware file of the mobile device you want to create the FRP unlock file.

2. Then extract the compressed file and place the program and firmware in the same folder.

3. Right-click on the setup "ResearchDownload.exe" file of the program (Research Download - R4.0.0001) and run it in administrator mode.

4. After launching the program, click the Load Packet gear icon button in the upper left corner of the Flash tool.

5. Select the .PAC firmware file and click the Open button.

6. Click on the second gear icon of Settings button in the Flash tool.

7. As soon as you click the second gear icon button, a download settings window will pop up.

8. The main page tab will be selected by default in the download settings window, check and uncheck the "Select All Files" option in this main page tab, and then manually check Persist and EraseRuntimeNV_LTE partition file ID. And click the Packet Button in the bottom right corner.

9. As you click the packet button in the bottom right corner, a message will come up saying "Do packet operation right now?" Click Yes.

10. Type the file name, version and select the file path where you want to save the file and click OK button.

11. As soon as the file is saved, A "packeting complete!" message will appear, click OK and close the tool.

12. That's all; Now the FRP Unlock File is ready to flash and unlock FRP lock.

Download Link for Required Programs and Files.
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