Samsung Grand Prime SM-G530F Combination File

What Is Samsung Combination File?
The Samsung Combination File is an official diagnostic firmware file. And this file is used in Samsung service centres to evaluate whether all the features of the mobile device are working properly or not.

The combination file is developed by Samsung, and the file is available on the Internet for all mobile software technicians around the world so that mobile software technicians can easily diagnose Samsung users' mobiles and trace the faults in the mobiles.

A combination file is for professionals or engineers, not the general public. Because the combination file has a limit to the features that ordinary users can use. As such, the user cannot use any account within the combination operating system. Simply put, the combination file is like Safe Mode in a Samsung smartphone.

For example, a mobile software technician uses it to test components in a mobile phone, such as Wi-Fi, sensors, cameras, touch, Bluetooth, radio, RAM or ROM and so on.

What Are the Features of a Combination File?
  • The combination file converts the user into service mode.
  • The combination file allows the user to gather information about the OS version and all its files.
  • The combination file allows the user to diagnose/troubleshoot all the mobile components.
  • The combination file downgrades the mobile operating system.
  • The combination file downgrades the modem version to direct unlock the Network lock.
  • The combination file allows technicians to freely unlock the FRP (Factory Reset Protection) lock.
  • The combination file enables ADB (Android Debug Bridge) mode on the locked Samsung device.
  • The combination file can fix the DRX / dm-verity problem.
  • The combination file helps technicians to repair IMEI, SN (Serial Number) and Knox.

How to Flash Samsung Combination File?
  1. First, you need to download the exact combination file along with your Samsung device model number. (If you want to know which is the correct combination file with your device, learn here.)
  2. After downloading the combination file, the user needs to install Samsung USB drivers on his computer system. (If you want to download Samsung USB driver, click here.)
  3. When you have successfully installed the USB drivers, download the Odin 3 Flash Tool.
  4. Now extract the combination compressed file using at least version 5.5 or later of the WinRAR.
  5. Run the Odin 3 Flash tool and select the .tar.md5 or .tar combination file in the "PDA" section. (If you want to learn how and in what order to load the combination file in Odin 3, learn here.)
  6. Turn off your Samsung mobile/tab device and boot into download mode, and connect it to the computer. (If you want to learn how to boot the Samsung device in download mode, learn here)
  7. As soon as you connect your device to the computer, the device's port appears in the Odin 3 tool, which means that the device is successfully connected and the drivers are working correctly.
  8. Now click on the Start button to start the flash process, And when the flashing process is complete, your device will automatically reboot into the normal mode.
Make sure the mobile device battery is at least 30% charged before starting the flashing process. And back up your important user data from your device before starting the flashing process, because after the flash is complete, photos, videos, contacts, messages, documents and other user data will be erased from your mobile during the flashing process.

What Is the Content of Combination Files of Samsung Grand Prime SM-G530F?


What Are the Additional Details of SM-G530F Combination Files?
You can find additional information about this file in the table below. And if you believe there's something wrong with the information in this post, feel free to let us know at our email address [email protected] or in the comments section below. We will be grateful to you for that.

Name Information
File Samsung Grand Prime SM-G530F
Type .TAR.MD5
Size 244 MB
Date Tuesday, August 25, 2020
Views ...
Downloads ...
Price Free
Flash Tool Odin 3
Category Samsung Combination

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The default password for compressed files is "".

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